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Disaster Restoration in Los Angeles

Recover Quickly When Disaster Strikes in Palmdale & Surrounding Areas

When severe weather strikes our southern California communities, Pyramid Restoration is here for you with expert disaster restoration in Los Angeles. Whether you need storm repair, water extraction, burst pipe restoration, or boarding-up services, we give every home and business the special attention necessary for exemplary service. No matter what has caused your property to become undesirable, we are here to fix it with a team that’s available within 45 minutes. 

Don’t let unexpected water damage destroy your dream. Schedule your free estimate by calling us at (888) 228-1328 or filling out our online contact form.

Don’t Let Unexpected Water Damage Destroy Your Dream

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What Is a Disaster?

Southern California is known for its wildfires and droughts that disrupt our community throughout the year. Disasters are defined as severe disruption to the functioning of a society that exceeds its capacity to use its own resources. It may be caused by natural or artificial hazards or vulnerable aspects of a community. Natural hazards like floods, wildfires, and storms cannot be avoided, but when our community is prepared, disasters can be. Pyramid Restoration helps limit the long-term damage caused by a disaster with these disaster restoration services in Los Angeles:

  • Storm repairs
  • Water extraction
  • Boarding up services
  • Disaster restoration
  • Burst pipe restoration
  • Storage services

No matter what kind of hazard your property faces, we are here for you. We’ve served hundreds of thousands of customers with exemplary service that goes above and beyond, so your home and business are restored to their former glory. We consider any water damage to your property an emergency, and our team responds in 45 minutes or less with team members that speak multiple languages. Disasters are stressful, but we are here to minimize their effect on your company and family with fantastic service.

How to Prepare for Disaster & Limit Damage

Your home or business is critical to your daily comfort. When disasters like wildfires strike, you must be prepared. Here are some tips to prepare for specific disasters and limit the damage done to your home:

A burst or broken pipe can damage your home quickly with severe flooding. You can protect your home by preparing or updating a list of belongings for your insurance, storing valuables in waterproof containers, installing flood vents in the foundation and garage, and replacing carpets with tiles that are flood resistant. Make sure you know where your mainline shut-off is in case of a burst pipe, and turn your water off when you leave for vacation to prevent an emergency from happening while you’re away.

Protect your home from a wildfire by using fire-resistant materials to fortify your roof and cover any vents with wire mesh to keep embers out. Reduce debris and vegetation in a 30-foot space around your home by using materials such as gravel, brick, or concrete. Enclose your foundation so embers cannot get underneath your home and seal any gaps in your roof or exterior walls. Inside your home, update a list of your belongings, and prepare a go-bag in case you’re required to evacuate.

We don’t want disaster to strike your home. Still, if it does, Pyramid Restoration is here for you with 15 years of experience helping our community return to normal with disaster restoration in Los Angeles. We offer free estimates and responses in 45 minutes or less, so you never feel alone during an emergency.

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