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Fire & Smoke Damage in Los Angeles

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When your home or business catches fire, it produces ash, soot, and smoke. Without quickly removing these particles from your space, they will absorb into porous materials and deteriorate your space. Smoke can cause long-term health effects when inhaled, even after the fire is put out. Depending on the severity of the fire, you may also face water damage and mold growth caused by sprinklers or firefighters that further affect your property. Let the team at Pyramid Restoration return your space to its original glory after fire smoke damage in Los Angeles.

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Smoke, Soot & Ash Removal

Fire damage, smoke, soot, and ash can create a hazardous environment after a detrimental event. That’s why you should trust our professionals for thorough removal and restoration. Smoke can discolor walls, and appliances, tarnish or rust metal, and further corrode materials. We work to clean ash residue before it builds up on surfaces and disinfect items such as brass, aluminum, marble, upholstery, and porcelain. Then deodorize soft materials such as carpets, fabric chairs, and rugs. Pyramid Restoration has 15 years of experience providing expert solutions for fire smoke damage in Los Angeles. 

Getting rid of the smoke odor can be a long process as walls and ceilings need to be scraped and sanded to remove blistered or discolored paint. Finished wood will also need to be stripped and refinished to remove the scent of smoke. Unfinished wood may need to be replaced, as sealing the wood after a fire could trap the odor. Fabric and carpets are incredibly porous, so our professionals will disinfect, clean, and restore furniture, or it may need to be replaced. 

Removing the foul odors caused by smoke, soot, and ash is important so there are no remnants of the fire after returning to your home or business. Still, the process can be time-consuming and complex, depending on the severity of the fire. If damaged furniture or carpets aren’t of significant value, replacing them may be a better option so you can return to your property as soon as possible.

Health Hazards of Smoke & Soot Inhalation

If you experience a small fire that you can put out yourself, it may seem easier and cheaper to manage the damage with DIY solutions. However, long-term exposure to the smoke and soot created in the fire can cause long-term health effects like:

  • Respiratory issues such as bronchitis or asthma
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headache
  • Cardiovascular disease

Exposure to smoke and soot may occur via skin, eyes, inhalation, or ingestion so you can be unknowingly affected by these health effects. Our professionals come prepared with professional safety equipment and ventilation for successful restoration. Soot is created by the melted materials of a fire and can release chemicals, sulfur, and alcohols that are dangerous and must be handled by our experts.

Don’t let fire smoke damage in Los Angeles ruin your home or business. Let Pyramid Restoration return your property to its former state with our 15 years of experience providing expert cleaning, repair, and restoration.

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